Saturday, June 22


World Environment Day’ (WED) is observed on 5th of June each year and calls for protecting our natural surroundings THE PAKISTAN TIMESWorld Oceans Day (WOD) is celebrated on 8th of June each year; however, this year the Day was observed on 7th June 2024. The aim WOD is to raise awareness among populace to protect the oceans and their resources as they provide more than 50% of the oxygen produced on this planet and absorb about 30% of carbon dioxide produced by humans, moderating the impact of global warming. The Day provides us an opportunity to focus on the challenges our oceans face in maintaining an ecological balance in the environment.

The theme selected by UNESCO for WOD 2024 is, ‘Awaken New Depths’. This resonates deeply with our mission to protect and restore our oceans with renewed understanding, commitment, collaboration and vigour. Our oceans are facing unprecedented threats from human activities such as overfishing, pollution and climate change. These threats not only imperil marine life but also cast devastating impacts on our national security, economy, and human well-being.

We depend on our oceans for livelihood; fishing alone, produces not only food for billions of people but also creates millions of jobs worldwide. We need to conserve our enormous marine resources for our future generations. Pakistan Navy, entrusted with the task to protect our maritime interests is working assiduously, in league with Pakistan Maritime Security Agency and relevant agencies to prevent. pollution, monitor marine traffic and enforce regulations to ensure sustainability of our oceans.

To commemorate significance of WOD, Pakistan Navy is playing a lead role in promoting safe and sustainable use of ocean resources. A number of events and activities have been arranged to highlight the spirit of the day and raise awareness about oceans and their resources. Some key PN initiatives include: beach cleaning, enforcement of pollution control using harbour debris collection barges, mangroves plantation in association with International Union for Conservation of Nature, banning use of destructive fishing nets, tackling oil pollution at sea and coordinating with industrial community to reduce waste dumping into the sea. National Institute of Maritime Affairs is also holding a seminar on WOD-24 Theme which will help promote the essence of the day.

Let us join hands with the global community to build a sustainable future for our oceans. We must make concerted efforts to address climate change, reduce plastic waste, promote sustainable fishing practices, protect and restore natural coastal and oceanic eco-systems. This would require creating Maritime Protected Areas, transition to clean and renewable energy and emphasis on marine conservation initiatives. We must also recognize the critical role that our oceans play in supporting our national security and economic prosperity.

Let us rise to the occasion and make a difference, for the oceans, for Pakistan and for our collective future.


Editor: Kamran Raja