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Book launch ceremony of the book titled handbook of research on deconstructing culture and communication in the global south.

Book launch ceremony of the book titled handbook of research on deconstructing culture and communication in the global south.The Book launch ceremony brings together senior journalists, communication teachers and researchers at the University of Gujrat. A grand ceremony was held here at Hafiz Hayat Campus of the University of Gujrat on Tuesday to mark the release of ‘The Handbook of Research on Deconstructing Culture and Communication in the Global South, authored by Dr. Muhammad Yousaf, a senior academic at the varsity’s Centre for Media & Communication Studies (CMCS).

Senior journalists and communication teachers and researchers Prof. Dr. Bushra Hameed ur Rehman, Imtiaz Alam, Prof. Dr. Hasan Raza Shirazi, Ahmed Waleed, Dr. Naveed Iqbal Chaudhry, Director Media Sheikh Abdul Rashid and others were among the distinguished guests. Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Prof. Dr Faisal Mehmood Mirza presided over the ceremony.
The speakers lauded the efforts of Dr. Muhammad Yousaf in highlighting the role played by the Global South in creating knowledge in comparison to the Global North in the 400-page edited research book. Speaking on the occasion, senior journalist Imtiaz Alam said that critical thinking always produces quality academic research. “Reconstruction of knowledge is not possible without parting with the rotten culture and traditions.
Raising questions about the prevailing norms and ideas is likely to help make the world much better,” Imtiaz Alam said.
Prof Dr Bushra Hameed ur Rahman said that the handbook was a valuable reference source for both the teachers and students. She said that Dr. Yousaf’s book is an illustration of will, determination, and intellect. Dr. Bushra reiterated that Dr. Yousaf has emerged as a leading and distinguished researcher and author in the field of mass communication and media studies. Prof. Dr. Hasan Raza Shirazi said: “Facts are created on social media platforms that help develop public opinion. However, one must take into account local prevalent trends and attitudes for the sake of qualitative research and better problem-solving.”
Ahmad Waleed said that modern media is the carrier of the communication revolution. He said that students must be equipped with modern techniques and should have command of technological and technical tools that are essential for having a promising career in the media. “The element of research analysis in various segments is placed on the back burner in Pakistan. In modern times, media has become a regular industry.

Dr Naveed Iqbal Chaudhry stressed the need for indigenous research analysis of social problems for better results. He said that a good blend of qualitative and quantitative research is essential to understand and solve societal, academic, and practical problems.
Dr Muhammad Yousaf said that new knowledge has always emerged in the Global North. Given the cultural diversity and problems of the Global South, local solutions are possible through the production of local knowledge that deals with local sensitivity. Dr. Yousaf appreciated the motivation, encouragement, and support of the vice chancellor, Prof. D. Muhammad Mushahid Anwar, for organizing the book’s launch ceremony. He said that with the support and encouragement of the Vice Chancellor, the organization of the ceremony was possible. Dr. Yousaf also lauded the efforts of the chief Liberian, Dr. Zaki Ul Zaman, for the preservation and dissemination of knowledge vis-à-vis holding such events.

Dr Faisal Mehmood Mirza, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, lauded the meticulous efforts of Dr. Muhammad Yousaf in editing the scholarly work, saying academic research is necessary for the solution of local problems of today. Sheikh Abdul Rashid expressed his gratitude to the guests and other participants. He said that books have an important place in human civilization. He appreciated the work of Dr. Yousaf and noted that integrating research with social problem-solving can always yield better results for the betterment of societies. Senior academic Dr. Razai Mustafa moderated the ceremony. A large number of students, along with teachers, attended the ceremony.

Editor: Raja kamran

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