Saturday, June 22

PCAA Signs Contract for Reconstruction of JIAP’s Main Runway (07L/25R)

PCAA Signs Contract for Reconstruction of JIAP's Main Runway (07L/25R)
The Pakistan times
The contract was signed in a ceremony held at the PCAA Headquarters by the Director Planning and Development, PCAA, and Director of Umar Jan and Company.

The reconstruction of main runway, starting soon after Eid, will enhance airside infrastructure bringing about significant advantages. The advantages include the ability to seamlessly accommodate wide body aircraft up to category 4F (including A380), improved safety, reliability, and the capacity to handle the growing passenger and aircraft traffic. This upgrade is expected to attract both domestic and international airlines to operate at JIAP in the future. Upon completion of the upgrade, it will feature the latest energy-efficient LED CAT-I Airfield Lighting System with Runway Centreline Lights.
The upgrade project also includes extension of runway by 1000 feet making it 11500 feet. Reconstruction of taxiways and overruns at both ends, and asphaltic overlay of four taxi links near 07L end. The upgrade also includes installation of control and monitoring system of the proposed energy efficient LED type CAT-I AFL System in the control tower.


Editor: kamran Raja