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IMO National Seminar on Hong Kong Convention Ratification and Implementation

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IMO National Seminar on Hong Kong Convention Ratification and ImplementationIMO National Seminar on Hong Kong Convention Ratification and Implementation Successfully Concludes with High-Profile Guests and Transformative Dialogues

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs under the leadership of the hosts, including the Minister of Maritime Affairs, Railway, and Communications, and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, V. Admiral (R) Iftikhar Ahmad Rao, is excited to announce the successful conclusion of the “IMO National Seminar on the Ratification and Implementation of the Hong Kong Convention in Pakistan 2023.” Held in Karachi, this event marked a defining moment for Pakistan’s maritime and environmental sectors.

Norway Ambassador The Pakistan TimesEsteemed Chief Guests, including H.E. Mr. Per Albert Ilsaas, Ambassador of Norway to Pakistan, and Mr. Jun Sun from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), graced the event with their presence. Their opening remarks underscored the seminar’s significance and the shared commitment of Pakistan and Norway to advance sustainable ship recycling practices.

Mr. Ilsaas shared insights from Norway’s maritime heritage, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration in enhancing ship recycling practices. Meanwhile, Mr. Jun Sun, representing the IMO, reaffirmed the organization’s global efforts to promote safe and environmentally sound ship recycling, highlighting its dedication to a sustainable future for the industry.

The seminar also featured the invaluable contributions of prominent IMO consultants, Mrs. Gudrun Janssens and Mr. Takeshi Naruse. They presented on the current treatment, storage, and disposal facilities and ship landing activities in compliance with the European Union Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SSR). Mrs. Janssens and Mr. Naruse played a pivotal role in drafting a resolution, fostering international collaboration and the adoption of sustainable ship recycling practices.

The Pakistan Times jun sun IMO In his closing remarks, Mr. Jun Sun, the IMO representative, acknowledged the significance of the discussions and resolutions made during the seminar. He emphasized the IMO’s essential role in supporting and guiding nations in their implementation of the Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships. As Pakistan aims to be a part of the Hong Kong Convention, discussions centered on the requirement of safe disposal of hazarduous material, welfare of labourers and control of ship recycling facilities.

This critical step underscores the nation’s dedication to safe and environmentally sound ship recycling practices.
The seminar provided a dynamic platform for stakeholders to chart a sustainable course for Pakistan’s maritime industry. The discussions and agreements forged during these three days are poised to have a lasting impact on the future of ship recycling in Pakistan. This seminar celebrated a collective commitment to advancing safe and eco-friendly ship recycling, reflecting Pakistan’s dedication and its global partners’ shared vision for a brighter and more sustainable maritime sector.

Editor: Arslan M