Saturday, June 22

Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal receiving APO award today in Kuala Lumpur

Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal receiving APO award today in Kuala Lumpur
Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal receiving APO award today in Kuala Lumpur

Federal Minister for Planning and Development Prof. Ahsan Iqbal has been honored with the APO Meritorious and Distinguished Award 2024 by the Asian Productivity Organisation (APO). The award was presented during the 66th Session of the APO Governing Body in recognition of his outstanding contributions to productivity in socio-economic development through policy, strategic thinking, leadership, and management.

In his acceptance address, Prof. Ahsan Iqbal expressed his gratitude to the APO, emphasizing the significance of this honor for himself and the people of Pakistan. He highlighted the critical juncture at which the world stands, entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Prof. Iqbal highlighted that productivity is now at the tipping point of a new leapfrog, presenting both opportunities and challenges, particularly for developing countries like Pakistan.

He pointed out that the primary challenge for developing nations is to integrate into this capital-intensive and technology-intensive revolution despite limited resources. Prof. Iqbal stressed the urgent need for a productivity movement across developing countries to avoid being left behind in this global transition.

Prof. Iqbal proposed that Pakistan would be honored to host a ministerial conference early next year, aimed at promoting the ownership of the productivity movement among developing countries. He asserted that productivity is a force multiplier that enables developing nations to leapfrog their economic development despite resource constraints.

Reflecting on Pakistan’s recent experience, he noted the severe climate disaster that struck Pakistan in the year 2022, underscoring the necessity of a green revolution in productivity. This revolution, he emphasized, should not only facilitate economic leapfrogging but also ensure a responsible approach that preserves the ecosystem of the planet.

Prof. Iqbal assured the APO of Pakistan’s full support and cooperation in advancing the productivity movement, particularly in partnership with the developing world.

Prof. Ahsan Iqbal’s recognition underscores his leadership and dedication to fostering productivity and sustainable development in Pakistan and beyond.

Editor: Kamran Raja