Saturday, June 22


بارہویں بین الاقوامی مشق باراکوڈا کا کراچی میں آغاز The Pakistan TimesInternational Exercise BARRACUDA-XII formally commences today at Headquarters Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA), Karachi. The event started with an impressive flag hoisting ceremony followed by wreath laying on Shuhadas monument. The ceremony was attended by observers from 13 friendly countries and officers of Pakistan Navy and PMSA. Exercise BARRACUDA-XII is scheduled from 02-04 Jan 24 and comprising Harbour and Sea phases.

بارہویں بین الاقوامی مشق باراکوڈا کا کراچی میں آغاز The Pakistan TimesOpening brief of the exercise was held at Karachi. Federal Minister for climate change Ahmed Irfan Aslam graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Foreign Observers and delegations from relevant stake holders also attended the brief wherein the Aims and objectives of Exercise BARRACUDA-XII were highlighted. Moreover, scholarly papers on response of Oil Spill and Search and Rescue at sea were presented by both National and International speakers.

During his address Chief Guest thanked all foreign delegates for their participation in the event. He further added that the exercise will continue to crystallise our preparedness for maritime disasters management. Pakistan has always been and will continue to be an ardent advocate of safe & secure seas for the wellbeing of the region and the world.

Earlier during his welcome address, DG PMSA Rear Admiral Imtiaz Ali apprised the audience about Government of Pakistan’s endeavour to curb pollution at sea and reiterated resolve of PMSA to fight Marine pollution. He further highlighted the role of PMSA in implementing the laws in National seas. He thanked the foreign participants and national maritime stakeholders for their support.

DG PMSA Rear Admiral Imtiaz Ali also called on the foreign observers and discussed the matters of mutual interest.

Exercise BARRACUDA is a marine pollution response exercise conducted biennially by PMSA since 2007. Focused on refining response mechanisms and enhancing coordination among stakeholders. The exercise serves as a critical platform to prepare for and address potential oil spills and other marine pollution incidents.

BARRACUDA-XII will unfold as an immersive experience in the North Arabian Sea providing a platform for participating countries to engage in scenario-based simulations and comprehensive drills starting from 2 Jan 24. The 03 days exercise which includes harbour and sea phase will facilitate knowledge exchange, enhance interoperability and solidify coordination among diverse maritime entities, thereby fortifying our global resilience against marine pollution incidents. As the world grapples with the imperative need to protect our oceans, BARRACUDA-XII stands as a testament to the power of international cooperation in combating marine pollution.

Editor: Raja kamran