Thursday, June 13

Alibaba Delegation Meets Jam Kamal Khan to Boost E-commerce

Alibaba.Com Delegation Meets Jam Kamal Khan to Boost E-commerceA high-level delegation from convened at the office of Federal Minister for Commerce, Jam Kamal Khan, on Friday to discuss avenues for enhancing e-commerce in Pakistan.

Minister Jam assured the delegation of his full support in advancing e-commerce initiatives in the country, emphasizing the need to bridge the gap between traditional commerce and the digital marketplace.

Highlighting the untapped potential of e-commerce in Pakistan, Minister Khan reaffirmed the commitment of the Ministry of Commerce and the government’s leadership to bolster trade volumes.

The minister said that there should be close collaboration between TDAP and, stressing the importance of turning these collaborations into tangible actions.

Expressing gratitude for the minister’s support, the delegation conveyed their optimism for the future.

They underscored their intention to expand operations in Pakistan, with plans to initiate activities in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).

Alibaba.Com Delegation Meets Jam Kamal Khan to Boost E-commerceThis move signifies’s commitment to fostering economic growth and leveraging the potential of Pakistan’s burgeoning e-commerce landscape.

As Pakistan seeks to harness the benefits of digital commerce, collaborations with global entities like are poised to pave the way for transformative economic opportunities, driving progress and prosperity across the nation.
The delegation of was comprising Rocky Lu,Head of Pakistan Business at
Berry Ma, Head of Marketing of Southeast Asia at and
Alicia Lu, Head of PR of Southeast Asia at


Editor: kamran Raja