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Thousands of Miles with CPEC: The Symbol of Pakistan-China Relations

Thousands of Miles with CPEC: The Symbol of Pakistan-China Relations

Thousands of Miles with CPEC: The Symbol of Pakistan-China RelationsThe All-Pakistan Chinese Enterprises’ Association (APCEA), in collaboration with Pakistan-China Institute (PCI), successfully held the launch event of the former’s promotional endeavor titled, “Thousands of Miles with CPEC: The Symbol of Pakistan-China Relations” here at Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS).

The essence of the “One Belt, One Road” vision, transgresses the barriers of time, borders and cultures. It has spread across the world, creating in its wake the hallmark projects like the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. It goes without saying that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the greatest milestone of Pakistan-China diplomatic relations. When Chinese President, His Excellency, Xi Jinping visited Pakistan in 2015, he formally determined the “1+4” cooperation formula and layout centered upon the construction of CPEC, and key focus on four areas that are; the Gwadar Port, Energy Sector, Infrastructure, and Industrial Cooperation. From the large-scale industries to the young learners at school, CPEC has made an impact wherever it went since its inception in 2013. “Thousands of Miles with CPEC” is rooted in the social aspect of this mega project, and takes the perspectives of those who have first-handedly experienced the transformative power exerted by a decade of CPEC. While hailing the macro-economic contributions of CPEC via the Power, Infrastructure, IT, and Agricultural sectors, etc., the cultural role it has played in building a Pak-China community of shared interest cannot be overlooked. And indeed, this unique project explores that very role of CPEC from the perspectives of people belonging to various walks of life; ranging from common citizens, natives around project sites, talented local employees to government functionaries and diplomats.

Today’s launch ceremony of this event was in attendance by dignitaries representing both Chinese and Pakistani leadership including H.E. Jiang Zaidong, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Pakistan, H.E. Murtaza Solangi, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Excellency Li Yong, Counsellor for Commercial Affairs, Senator Mushahid Hussain, Chairman Senate Defense Committee. It also had significant participation from Chinese enterprises and companies as well as from both local and Chinese journalist community.

The event commenced with introductory remarks from Executive Director PCI, Mr. Mustafa Hyder Syed, who welcomed the guests by emphasizing on the strong and enduring friendship between Pakistan and China. In his welcome remarks, Chairman of the All-Pakistan Chinese Enterprises’ Association (APCEA) and Country Representative of POWERCHINA, Mr. Yang Jianduo, reiterated the contributions of key CPEC projects and recounted the recent instances of unwavering support extended by the Chinese community for their Pakistani brethren via CSR in the fields of disaster management, education, and other forms of social welfare, etc. Chairman Senate Defense Committee, Senator Mushahid Hussain in his keynote speech emphasized on the miracle that CPEC has been for Pakistan and how its wonderous outcomes have trickled all the way from mega-projects to the very lives of the women and other communities and areas like Thar. Caretaker Federal Minister Caretaker for Information and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi shared in his remarks that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is keen to play a greater role in extending all possible cooperation to the Chinese enterprises for developing a greater understanding and establishing rapport in the areas of mutual interest. Ambassador of China to Pakistan, Excellency Jiang Zaidong shared his comprehensive and insightful remarks on the occasion by reiterating the visions of BRI and CPEC for having an inclusive and open global corridor, a green pathway, a road to connectivity, and shared prosperity; which are now turning into concrete realities. He also emphasized on enhancing cooperation under the existing projects of CPEC and propelling it further to the fields of sustainability and technology. His Excellency also asserted on the need of greater cooperation in the fields of information and media, as mentioned by the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting.

The event also featured the screening of an exclusive video documentary on the significance and contributions of CPEC as the flagship project of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, recounting the hallmark transformation of BRI from an ancient vision to a modern reality. Among the many achievements secured in the wake of CPEC, Gwadar is the zenith and the focal point of CPEC. It is also the link between the One Belt, One Road and the Maritime Silk Road project. The video highlighted this geographic and geostrategic importance of Gwadar port with scenic shots. It also gave a bird’s-eye view at the major contributions of CPEC projects via facts and figures.

To commemorate these ten years of unwavering support and cooperation lovingly extended by the Chinese brethren, a special feature report titled, “Thousands of Miles with CPEC: The Symbol of Pakistan-China Relations” was also launched. This report sketches the narrative of CPEC, hails its achievements as a landmark on the road of Pak-China relations, and recounts the timeless instances of the Chinese companies fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It explores the depth of Pak-China friendship that is spread over creating sustainable futures, fostering sustainable bonds, and nurturing sustainable environments that can thrive the ironclad partnerships between the people of both nations.

Furthermore, Chinese enterprises located all over Pakistan and belonging form multiple sectors have shared mini documentariescomprising short videos of their project employees’ and local people’s testimonials, personal accounts, inspiring experiences as a contribution to this promotional venture. These will be released as docuseries under the umbrella of Thousands of Miles with CPEC with thousands of more miles to cover on the road towards Pakistan and China’s prosperous and promising future.

Editor: Raja Kamran