Saturday, June 22

SOS Foundation and BECS Join Hands to Educate Out-of-School Children in Islamabad

SOS Foundation and BECS Join Hands to Educate Out-of-School Children in Islamabad

SOS Foundation and BECS Join Hands to Educate Out-of-School Children in Islamabad

In a landmark move towards providing education to marginalized children, SOS Foundation and Basic Education Community Schools (BECS), Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today.

This collaboration aims to create educational opportunities for out-of-school children residing in the underprivileged slum areas of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

The MoU was signed by Nishat Fatima, Director of SOS Foundation, and Nabgha Najeeb Hashmi, Assistant Director of BECS, in the presence of distinguished guests. Director General BECS Hameed Khan Niazi, Air Vice Marshall (r) Ijaz Mehmood, Major (r) Tariq Mehmood, Riaz Jan, and Abdus Salam also graced the occasion, underscoring the significance of this partnership.

Through this agreement, SOS Foundation will leverage its experience in developing and managing educational facilities specifically designed for children living in slum areas. These schools will offer a holistic learning environment with qualified teachers, quality curriculum, and essential resources, bridging the gap for children currently deprived of education.

Nishat Fatima, Director of SOS Foundation, expressed her commitment to providing every child with access to quality education, stating, “This MoU marks a crucial step towards fulfilling our mission of empowering marginalized communities. We are confident that our collaboration with BECS will ensure that underprivileged children in Islamabad have the opportunity to learn, grow, and reach their full potential.”

Hameed Khan Niazi Director General of BECS, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of joint efforts in tackling the challenge of out-of-school children.

“BECS believes that education is the bedrock of progress, and we are thrilled to partner with SOS Foundation in this noble endeavor. By combining our resources and expertise, we can create a brighter future for countless children who deserve a chance to succeed.”

The signing of this MoU marks a significant milestone in the fight against educational inequality in Pakistan. It paves the way for a brighter future for out-of-school children in Islamabad, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to break the cycle of poverty and contribute meaningfully to society.

Editor: Raja Kamran