Thursday, June 13

Pak Navy 6th Hangur Class Submarine Launched

Pak Navy’s 6th Hangur Class Submarine Launched

Pak Navy's 6th Hangur Class Submarine LaunchedThe event was held at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works. Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Naveed Ashraf was the principal guest of the event. The Hangur class submarines will be equipped with the rearmost technology and munitions. Strengthening the public boat and submarine assiduity is a top precedence of the Naval Headquarters. The common sweats of the Ministry of Defense Production, Pakistan Navy and Karachi Shipyard in the product of ultramodern submarines locally are estimable. The Pakistan Navy’s tone- reliance sweats will be boosted by the manufacture of Hangur class submarines in Pakistan. The chief of Pakistan Navy also thanked the concerned authorities for the cooperation of China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Company in the medication of the submarine.

Editor: Raja Kamran