Thursday, June 13

Painting Workshop with Suzan Alsaid

Painting Workshop with Suzan Alsaid
A collaborative effort between the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), the National Culture and Heritage Department and the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, capital Islamabad on Tuesday witnessed the inauguration launches a unique art exhibition: “Touch of Love”, by famous Jordanian artist Suzan Alsaid.
The event also includes an exclusive painting workshop, providing a rare opportunity for art lovers to explore the world of creativity with an esteemed artist.

The Art Exhibition held at PNCA premises, a special studio titled “A Painting Workshop with Suzan Alsaid”, marked Suzan’s first exhibition in Pakistan.
The event aimed to bridge the cultural gap and promote artistic ties between Jordan and Pakistan, showcasing Suzan Alsaid’s diverse artistic talents.

Suzan a highly respected Jordanian visual artist, shared her artistic expertise with participants, from beginners to experienced professionals. Her commitment to art and dedication to sharing knowledge made the workshop a unique opportunity for participants to explore different painting techniques and gain a better understanding of Suzan’s creative process.
Participants engage in hands on painting activities, receive personal feedback from Suzan and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for art.

The workshop themed “Touching Love” demonstrated Suzan’s deep appreciation for the power of art to convey emotions and ideas. Touch of Love” exhibition is a captivating collection that combines traditional Islamic motifs with contemporary artistic expressions. Inspired by her Jordanian heritage, Suzan paintings represent a fusion of cultural influences, creating a unique visual experience for art lovers.

The exhibition is a collaborative effort between PNCA, the National Culture and Heritage Department and the Jordanian Embassy, ​​aimed at celebrating Jordan’s rich cultural heritage and promoting cultural exchange between the two countries. The opening ceremony of “Touch of Love” took place in the presence of distinguished guests from the cultural and artistic community as well as representatives of the governments of Pakistan and Jordan. This meeting emphasized the importance of cultural exchange and the role of the arts in promoting international understanding.
Through “Touch of Love, Suzan  invites viewers to explore universal themes of love, beauty, and human connection. The exhibition serves as a means to transcend boundaries and cultivate deeper understanding between diverse cultures. The captivating and thought-provoking artworks promise to resonate with audiences until the exhibition closes on March 3, 2024. Note that the gallery is closed on Saturdays .


Sub Editor : Arslan